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Becoming an active crew member.


When a volunteer expresses interest to become an active crew member the person will be inducted into the squad covering off the base facilities, and rescue vessel's and introduced to the operational processes followed and VMR Mackay Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). You will need to be a financial member of VMR 448 Mackay for insurance purposes. You will be asked to fill out a medical report to identify any possible restrictions on the type of duties that can be performed.


Firstly, the trainee will be required to spend the first 3 months in the radio room to learn the processes and practice at using the marine radio's and becoming familiar with other active squad members. Completion of the Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP) nationally recognised certificate is required. IF you would like to use our external provider please use the following link to show your interest in this course. Radio Course.  This course does incur a fee that may change from time to time and is your responsibility.


If you only want to perform radio monitoring, you will be asked your availability and placed on the radio room roster. There are positions available every day fo the week in shifts from 8am to 1pm and 1pm to 6pm.


If you wish to proceed to boat crew the next step will be to complete the mandatory training for: Elements of Shipboard Safety - Fighting Fires on board a vessel, Operation of Flares, Survival at Sea techniques.  First Aid and CPR are also requirements and provided by an external provider if you don't have a current certificate.


The next stage is to complete the competent crew modules of Effective Communications, Observe Safety and Emergency Procedures, Apply Seamanship Skills, Carry Out Refuelling, Monitor conditions and seaworthiness.


If you want to further your services to the squad, you are able to continue to the stage of a VMR Queensland restricted Coxswain licence.  This will involve completing the following modules: Assist in Search and Rescue operations, service auxiliary systems, basic routine servicing, operate inboard and outboard motors, operate main and auxilary systems, plan and navigate and short voyage, comply with domestic regulations, follow environmental work practices, command a vessel and local knowledge.


This training is completed internally by the squads Unit Training Coordinator and assistant trainers and assessors. All courses offered by VMR are nationally recognised qualifications under AMSA. Marine Rescue Queensland is a registered training organisation RTO.  All trainings incorporated learning techniques like course materials, assignments, assessments, practical assessments, on the job training all of which are a competency based program.


Once you have the minimum mandatory training completed you will be placed on one of 4 crews that rotate callout weekly from 5pm every Friday to the following Friday. IF it's your week on call the crew meets on Saturday mornings at 8:30am to perform vessel safety checks and trainings. Training for the competency modules are performed every second Wednesday from 630pm to 830pm and some Saturdays and Sundays when required to complete certain training activities.  All training expenses for boat crew are paid for by the squad and subject to approval by the management committee.  All we ask for is your time.

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