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Would you like to obtain your Marine Radio Operators Licence (VHF)

VMR 448 Mackay offers the following:

Long Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency - LROCP

(Australian Maritime College of Tasmania) 


If you would be interested in participating in any of these training courses, please show your interest via the form on our training courses page CLICK HERE and we will be in contact with you when the training becomes available.


If you nominate to be an active volunteer crew member for the rescue vessel's. Over a period of time you will have available to you, training that will qualify you firstly as a Competent Crew, Stage 2 Competent Crew, then as a restricted VMR Coxswain. If you would like to know more or would like to volunteer as an active crew member, please show your interest CLICK HERE.


Some of the other activities that the squad participates in is Training with the RACQ CQ Helicopter, Ocean Racing Boats support team, CPR and First Aid Training, Search and Rescue exercises with the Water Police and other squads, Australian Customs exercises, maintenance of the squad's VHF tower on Brampton Island, Medical Evacuations from Bulk Carriers and Cruise Ships.


If you are interested in obtaining your Recreational Boat or Jet ski license check out the following links for external providers for more details:


Rosier's Boating School

Ski and Sea Safe Boat Training - Mackay

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